Monday, 11 January 2016

Right wing artists will never make money

Well in general, almost all right wing media, especially the far flung ones will never benefit any form of cash or monetary repayment of their works especially if the make their material available to the public. Take for example, the girls that sang the valhalla songs, whats it called, prussian blue band or something. Now these 2 girls sold records and their material but they never got rich. Simply said, the right wing considered the arts as something that have to be free to be enjoyed and considers their creation to be easy and takes very little effort to be made.

Ive drawn these christ chan comics for a long time, ever since May, got more than 50k views and when i made a patreon, i barely got any money of out it. Ive just realized something that, sure people are going to reason saying that....

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