Friday, 1 January 2016

We need a repair culture, not a consumer culture

Its sad to see that people these days look for repair shops or catch themselves staring at the amazon catalog whenever an electronic device of theirs are broken. And that is just an electronic device, how about a car, or a roof, or a furniture even?

Everytime something breaks the modern people buys a new product rather than repairing it themselves, this is a big problem because it spikes up the rate of consumerism. Consumerism is a waste of energy. By producing more, you're wasting precious materials and wasting people's time. You are wasting the time of employees in a factory that is forced to make new things for you, you're wasting resources that could be used to make something else.

The world that we're living in is extremely inefficient. Things are designed to break and things are usually sold incomplete. A car for example. Back in the 70's all cars comes complete with it's accessories but now, you can choose to buy these low spec cars, where the basic necessities are removed so you can save costs. This is the same exact scam as the Video game industry where they remove content from the finished product and forces the users to pay extra to view it. This is consumerism in its basic form. The world is telling us to consume and consume but never to just buy one thing and keep that thing forever.

And why do we blame corporations for this? Are the corporations at fault because of the greed? Could be. So if theyre at fault why do they allowed to do it? Its simply due tot he fact that the government is not doing their job like theyre supposed to. The gov is created for the very purpose to control merchants ie; those who sells to the community by providing them with a service or good by trading with an another good. However when the gov is no longer controlled by the people and starts to make deals with the merchants, stupid things like this happen and now, allowed to exist for as long as they can, things such as planned obsolescence and copyright infringement is created.

By copyright infringement what i mean is that a citizen can go to jail by simply hacking an electronic device that is theirs. In the case of geohot for example. The man owns the PS3 therefore why is it wrong for him to alter the device because he is the owner of the object? Why does sony wants to interfere and put the man in prison? Because the Gov allows it. Such blatant scam is legal in this world, and nobody dares to take action for they fear the seemingly omnipotent strength of the Gov even though in reality the citizens are the Gov.

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