Friday, 1 January 2016

Useful media

What is a useful media? Useful media is a creative work that has use to the nation that is Entertainment but also useful to the nation or the society. A creative work that is entertaining but at the same time educational, motivational, spirit rising, are part of these Useful media.

A bunch of aesthetic drawings of anime girls is not useful media, theyre procrastination enablers. Same goes to Video games that literally has no purpose but to distract, TV shows, all these degenerate works that makes you laugh and cry at fantasies that has no relation to real life. The mental degenerates pander and watch these works like a bunch of no brain leeches, thinking that everything is going to be alright if they kept thinking about it in their minds.

We need more useful medias that will increase the world's productivity. We need artists that make creative works that is useful to the world, things that can boost up the spirit of the creative and intelligent, creating creative works that will create new inventors, scientists, philosophers, physicians, artists and military men.

We need people who are able to make the world a better place. Artists are a very useful bunch, how unfortunate the lot of them are stuck drawing fanarts of distractors, for they themselves are distracted as well.
Good talent but mentally degenerate. You can find a lot of these talented people in the world, most of them are a waste to human society, pitiful and a burden to the future of mankind.

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