Monday, 8 February 2016

But they maybe will

Shadman isnt considered as a right wing artist, but he did made several nazi fetishism and politically incorrect content. He made 2k in patreon! But how about the "far flungs"? The one that shows the jews who they truly are and shows how niggers behave in the real world? For the shock factor, maybe. Anyways, the world needs more pros indulging themselves in the far right, Artisans are people that change and mould the world, we create trends and we dont pander to the same content over and over again.

Artists evolve and we get bored fast. Am I the first to start this trend? Well, i made pic below and it got quite viral, i do believe i have the personality of a Trend setter. Mostly because believe it or not, even since I was a child, i always hated the thought of being a clone, somebody irrelevant. I want the attention of being someone unique. Like most artists do, it seems, hey, now im just repeating words other people are saying. I admit i'm a clone at that.

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